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Eurasian International Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Taipei city Taiwan.

Eurasian is specializes in export/import all types of railway related products, we have the trade experience for wheels, axles, rails, bearings, sleepers, ballasts, train information display systems, platform doors, railway engineering vehicles, etc...

The client, we have provided including TRTC (Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation), KRTC (Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation), TRA(Taiwan Railway Administration), RRB(Railway Reconstruction Bureau), China Steel Machinery Corporation, SMRT(Singapore Mass Rapid Transit) and Industrial Technology Research Institute Taiwan, have the good image and good experience till now.

The business partner who are the CARS (China Academy Of Railway Science), CRM (China Railway Materials Company Limited), GEMAC (Gemac Engineering Machinery Co), Pangang Group, TYHI(Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co); Harsco Rail agent in TAIWAN.